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The Best 10+ Experiences for A Perfect Bali Getaway, Let Bali be your next dream destination!

Bali, Indonesia

The Best 10+ Experiences for A Perfect Bali Getaway That You Won’t Forget

Are you traveling to Bali and want to have the experience of a perfect Bali getaway? Excellent! Bali is an amazing place to do so. What we absolutely loved about the special Balinese islands is the impressive views and scenery. Beaches, lush green surroundings covered by rice fields, a volcano and all the stunning nature of Bali itself.

There are many things to do both on land and sea.  So without further ado, let’s get into the top 10+ experiences for a perfect Bali getaway!

1. Test Your Riding Skill: Exploring the Magic of Northward on Scooter

Taking a ride by renting a scooter or automatic motorbike is the best decision you can make, so forget the cabs and private drivers. Those are easy and simple ways to get around but you will be way less flexible. Go take a motorised scooter and ride around Ubud, it’s the perfect place for you to go on a whole day trip.

Ubud has mindblowing landscapes that will want to make you stop everywhere. Take out your camera and enjoy the moments. Your surroundings will change in minutes, one moment you will be trapped in a noisy city and just minutes away you will be in a noise-free, green and peaceful environment. Along the way, you will encounter many wavy roads, areas filled with tons of tourists, locals and then a time when it’s just you alone riding around. 

Start by riding up north and here you will meet the beautiful Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Coffee plantation and be able to try the local coffee called legend Kopi Luwak. Get the best of Ubud, enjoy the freedom and the weather because it is all yours!

2. Get a Massage for Less Than $13

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Many tourists often think that in order to get a decent massage in Bali, they have to go to a spa in a resort. But actually, all you need to do is just look around or stroll down the streets. You will start spotting signs at least every 60 meters. There are uncountable Balinese traditional massages and spa points that will give you comforting massages for about 1 hour and at a great price, with friendly massagers and good hospitality. Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Ubud or no matter where you are on the island.

Are the massagers trained? How well are they trained? Yes, most of them are trained because they actually have worked in the luxury hotels or spa in Bali for years which means you can have the luxury massage treatment economically. And if you are satisfied with the massage, it would be a good idea to tip them. However, tips are not expected but you still should.  Make sure you don’t miss out this experience

3. Learn the Local Way by Staying with Balinese Family

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If you want to experience the locals’ way of living, staying with them is a good option.  Some of Balinese families have places to rent with different types of house like a home-stay, guesthouse or hostel. They are basically the same. A place where you can have new point of views in living and communicating for sure.

They will love to interact and teach you a lot of new things. You can even join them in their rituals, festivals or ceremony. Because culture is everywhere! After all the free daily life lessons will cause you to have new experiences for the perfect Bali getaway.

4. Look Closer at Monkeys: Monkey Forest Ubud

Credit to Benno Weiss

Do you like monkeys? Alright. There are many monkey points in Bali but there is a one place named the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud. A nature reserve combined with Hindu temple. There are monkeys of all siwes and breeds, along with an amazing nature reserve.

Another uniqueness about this place is the location. It is located right on the middle edge of a crowded area but it is still calm. So when you are exploring the streets, hop, skip and jump to the wild side, where you will find the Sacred Monkey Forest – it’s just amazing!

The best time to come to this place is in the morning as a good way to avoid crowds and have more fun with the monkeys. And if you want, you can buy some bananas and be ready for monkeys that will climb and jump on you as though you are a banana tree.

5. Chill out at the Rice Fields: Riding Through the Landscape

Paddy or rice fields are the part of the people’s heritage and traditional lives through nature’s artistry. No wonder that Bali always offers you the best views of rice terrace fields. There are plenty of rice fields in Bali, and the ones we loved which have the most beautiful landscape are Jatiluwih and Tegalalang rice fields. If you are looking for amazing landscape of wide rice fields then you should definitely visit these places.

Not only can you enjoy the amazing landscape, you can also do other activities around the wide rice fields to enjoy the fresh and natural air to the fullest. You can take a walk down to through the natural green stairs, or some rice fields can provide you with a horse ride to explore the fields around or rent an automatic motorcycle to visit the rice fields in the neighborhood.

6. Get Intimate With Mother Nature: Yoga

Hands up if you like Yoga and want to keep it as routine. Because in Bali, there are many places that provide you with nice, calming and relaxing spots to do some Yoga. Yoga is a very possible activity to do in Bali as you can find many spots that are just full of natural energy and mother nature.

There many types of Yoga in Bali that you can choose from, such as Sunrise Yoga, Sunset Yoga, Beach Yoga and Waterfall Yoga. You can do Yoga anywhere you want or if you are first timers or beginners or want to learn some Balinese Yoga, you can sign up for Yoga class. They will train you well. Love, peace and inspiration have filled within the Balinese’s souls and built into the artistically crafted studio and retreat center. By doing Yoga in Balinese atmosphere, you might be able to receive Balinese’s nature’s strength within your soul, which is an awesome experiences. Stay connected with the nature and have more experiences for the perfect Bali getaway!

7. Surfing, Snorkeling & Diving

Bali is an island with a lot of sea sides around. Each sea has its own specialty with great surfing areas, amazing snorkeling spots and insane diving points. Surfing, snorkeling and diving are what most travelers do when they come to Bali. Nevertheless, not everyone surfs and some of travelers are not swimmers. It is all depends on your capability and preference.

If you don’t surf, you go for diving. Wait, you can’t swim? Don’t worry. You can still explore the sea by snorkeling because snorkeling is for everybody. There are no snorkeling courses to complete in advance unlike you have to do with scuba diving. You just need to put that life jacket and mask, then jump into the water. The stunning underwater world awaits you to be seen from the water surface.

We would say that Tulamben, Uluwatu, and Padangbai in East Bali are really good places to do all these to add more experiences for a perfect Bali getaway of yours.

8. Lucky Enough To Find A Starfish? Seawalker in Sanur.

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One of the best experiences for the perfect Bali getaway is to see as much as the sea creatures living in the sea. Seawalker, an activity that will allow you to walk on the bottom of the ocean wearing helmet, is one of the ways of doing this! Can you imagine what you can see when you touch down? There are many kind of fish that you can feed, there are corals and dancing grasses, blue and red starfish and thousands of other species of animal.

You can do this activity in Sanur  by registering yourself in a resort nearby the beach that provide this activity. You will be in group of 4-6 people and take a fast boat to the point. After that, they will put breathable helmet to cover your whole head while you are stepping the stairs to go down. Don’t worry about sinking if you cannot swim, because there are helpful divers who willconstantly be around you. When you get to the bottom, be ready for what you will see there. It is so cool!

9. An Outbound Trail With A Rewarding Finish : Gitgit Waterfall

Credit to Remco Schipper

So if you are feeling adventurous and want to enjoy Bali away from the noise of cars, we can suggest to you a beautiful waterfall that will guarantee you a refreshing retreat. This one is very far away and to get here you have to ride or drive up. There are many others incredible waterfalls in Bali, but this one is one of the most refreshing places. Also, there are a few connected waterfalls near Gitgit that makes this place an adventure to explore.

Take a 2-2.5 hour drive and head to Singaraja from the city or Ubud and you will immediately notice the decrease in temperature and vanishing buzz of motorcycles. Unlike most waterfalls that offer regular tracks or the rock climbing, Gitgit Waterfall is fully scaled and comes with an amazing view from far, close or side. So here, it is all fresh, cool air, quiet roads and an incredibly relaxing area.

10. Sunrise Trekking To Bali’s Mount Batur

The sunrise trek is a popular thing for tourists to do in Bali. As soon as I heard about the 1-2 hour trek, I could imagine the steps up you would need to take for the opportunity to stand up on top of an ancient volcano and witness the sun coming up over the lake and peeking behind the highest and most sacred mountain on the island, Mount Agung.

Climbing Mt. Batur is both perfect to build your muscles and challenging enough to make your muscles scream for a few hours. You will have to register yourself for a group and so you get a tour guide. This trekking starts few hours after midnight and its indeed dark. But hey, if you look up, the thousand of stars in the sky are amazing.

While you are reaching the top, the sky will be turning into inky blue to pink then orange. There is a camp on the sunrise point where you can buy hot tea or coffee. This will absolutely be one of the most amazing experiences for a perfect Bali getaway. Hot drink + sunrise + good companions. Enjoy!

11. Enjoy Magical Sights: Twin Lakes And The Jungle In Munduk

Credit to Maria Tri Wahyuni

Munduk has got some amazing points of interest alon with dozens of places to test your adrenaline. From the nature side you can enjoy the waterfalls or take a jeep to wilderness, experience Pura and the magical Twin Lakes. While through manmade creations and inventions, Munduk allows you to view a lake with photogenic little nests, swings and cocoons.

Challenge yourself by swinging at the end of the world at Munduk Moding Plantation. If you are a couple, swing together to make an unforgettable moment!

12. Find The Hidden Beach Behind The Hill: Padang Bai

Padang Bai is a small coastal town located in eastern Bali. This one of the ports or harbors in Bali that many people including tourists choose as departure to across other islands like Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, and Gili. But, now we tell you that there are more other things you can do in Padang Bai besides boating.

Take more time to stay and explore around. On the surface of it the town looks like there’s not much going on and is just full of business houses like watersports agencies or restaurants. But when you walk a bit further, there are beautiful untouched hidden beaches. Some tourists don’t care about exploring this town, and therefore it makes the beaches less crowded and fantastic.

Hike for few minutes and you will see Virgin beach. Walk for some meters up the road and you can see a cool turquoise Blue Lagoon. There is a hill that will take you to a Secret Beach, but you have to go through trekking from rocks, stairs, dessert and jungle.

13. Delve Into Secrets Of The Ancient Past: Trunyan Cemetery

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Last but not least, this might be one of the creepiest and the spookiest experiences for a perfect Bali getaway.

Not far from Mt. Batur, there is a Balinese village which is located on the eastern Shore of Lake Batur called Trunyan village. This sacred village is well-known for its ritual funeral tradition that can only be reached by boat. The villagers have a traditional way to process the dead. This consists of wrapping their remains and bringing them it to this site to then lay them on the ground around a huge old magical tree which is believed to only grow here.

In another part, there are mossy stairs piled with stacks of skulls and bone. If you want to come here, we would advise you to get a local guide as they know the place very well and will be able to advise you on what and what not to do in order to avoid inappropriate activities that might insult the villagers.

And there you have it! So to make your stay in Bali unforgettable follow these best 10+ experiences for the perfect Bali getaway!

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