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20 Best Budget Travel Destinations That You Should Visit in 2018

The Top 20 Budget Travel Destinations To Go To In 2018

Looking for budget travel destinations in 2018? You have come to the right place.

Expert travelers predicted that this year, travel prices such as flights and hotels would be on the rise. But this does not mean that there is no way to find budget travel destinations. What you have to do is you have to know the places to go.

I tapped into a handful of travel insiders to get their advice on the best budget travel advice from around the world. From exotic Asian cities to captivating European insights, here are the 20 best budget travel destinations 2018 to put on your bucket list!

1. Indonesia

Budget Travel Destinations

Indonesia is becoming one of backpacker’s favorite destinations from all over the world. The country is the most built up for tourists and there are a lot of friendly families that have restaurants and can offer you accommodation for cheap. For example, you can get local food for $2 and hostel for $8.

Come to Yogyakarta for its strong culture. Bali, Lombok and Flores for surfing. Borneo for the wildlife. Sumatra for the tigers and many other incredible places that can make you wish that you could stay longer. Stunning islands, nice beaches, amazing volcanoes, friendly people who will help you with pleasure and tasty food. Incredible views await you!

2. Vietnam

Budget Travel Destinations

Vietnam is also a favorite destination that offers an inexpensive lifestyle. In Vietnam, the local government does not put high price on local foods, accommodation, and tourist destinations. You can get a room for one from $6. The food is also cheap, especially the street food.

Vietnam has incredible long beach line, 3.260km. Not only that, you can also visit the historical destinations such as the War Remnants Museum, Hoa Lo Prison and Cu Chi tunnel. Despite its rise in popularity over the past few years, Vietnam is still beautiful and still super cheap.

3. Thailand

Budget Travel Destinations

Welcome to Chiang Mai! The largest and most culturally significant city in northern Thailand. Yes. This can be your friendly travel destination. This place is full of culture, friendly locals, good food markets and dozens of beautiful views.

When you come here, be sure to budget extra time! It is easy to want to spend more time here and lots of people plan to stay longer! Chiang Mai has some of the best street food in Thailand, and local dishes cost $2-$6. The easiest and most common way to get around Chiang Mai is by Songthaew or Tuk-tuks for $4. The hotels are centrally located for $13. But let’s forget the hotels and pick a hostel for more friendly cost. June is best time to come here as the prices are often cheaper.

4. Philippines

Budget Travel Destinations

There are thousands of places in the Philippines you can explore whilst being still on budget. The new experiences and personal satisfaction you will get are wonderful. There is a place named Tagaytay, the perfect place for picnic with friends or family on the weekend. There is San Antonio, Zambales, where you can have the feeling to be one with nature and sleep under the stars for the whole weekend for just $39. You can bring tent and have fun with your friends whilst paying less!

Head to Bolinao with bus for $7 if you want to see beaches without breaking your bank. Potipot Island, Puerto Galera, Nuvali Evoliving are places you definitely must visit.

5. Cambodia

Budget Travel Destinations

Travelers like to come to Cambodia. This country offers you inexpensive accommodations and food, especially for backpackers. You can sleep at a hostel which costs you from $5.5. You can get tasty food from $2-$5 per meal.

What about the tourist destinations? Relax. You can visit Angkor Wat Archeology Park, the UNESCO world’s inheritance. For only $20 you can go around this historical area. There are many temples where you can watch the sunset from the west which will not cost a lot.

6. Australia

Budget Travel Destinations

Melbourne, the capital of Australia, provides you with the advantages of traveling on a budget. Melbourne sounds like a big city, but would it make you broke when you go there? Not when you come at the right time and to the right place with the right way. May is good time to explore this city as the prices are cheaper.

The good news is, Melbourne has free transportation that will help you to explore the major attractions in the central. A walking tour offers you walking excursion with natives who love their city and they will take you to the interesting places. You can also spend time at free attractions in Melbourne, meet the Kangaroos and Koalas. You can explore the hidden lanes of Melbourne to see best local shop, cafes and street art of the city.

The Northern Territory is well known as Australia’s most famous natural landscape. It might be not cheap to get to the Northern Territory but it worth the time to experience this once in life time destination. The diverse geographic terrain allows you to go from the Outback to the tropical Top End with the dramatic climate extreme. Backpackers usually rent or buy a van and take a road trip together.

7. Malaysia

Budget Travel Destinations

As a transit country, Malaysia is lucky enough to have many travelers entering their country. Even though just to transit, people now see Malaysia as one of their travel destinations that is inexpensive and interesting places to explore more such as Melaka, Penang and Perhentian Island. It is true. When you go away from the main towns you can find some relaxing spots. Malaysia is a country with strong culture and history. Traveling around Malaysia with only $150 is very possible, it will make you happy and your wallet smiles too.

8. Ireland

Budget Travel Destinations

If you know Westlife, then you should know this country. Yes. The legends were born in Ireland. The price for a flight ticket to this country has become cheaper in the past few years. The hostels in Ireland are fairly cheap for backpackers, you can find $8 room per night. When you come to Ireland, do not forget to visit the library, Chester Beatty, to see the world’s famous collections such as the rare books and manuscript. You should take a walk at the deer area called Phoenix Park. Do you like shopping? Then do not miss Blackrock Market!

9. Nepal

Budget Travel Destinations

Nepal is squeezed between India and Tibet. It is the very watershed of Asia that stretches from rich subtropical forest to soaring Himalayan peaks. The hillside for climbing, the richness of the ethnic pride, it all fits to the travelers who are nature and culture lovers. The living cost in Nepal is affordable. You can eat for only $3 on average.

10. Bulgaria, Southeast Europe

Budget Travel Destinations

Wondering if you can travel on budget in Europe? Try Bulgaria! The hidden gem. The 16th widest country in Europe. People usually come across Sofia City, the 2nd old city in Europe.Food, drinkand a room costing $22.

Stunning mountain ranges, black sand beaches and calm cosmopolitan cities. This place is the right one for everyone who wants to travel desolately and get close to the art and history with the art and literary museum.

11. South Korea

Korea which known as Ginseng and modern country is actually an affordable destination to travel. The food in Korea is not really expensive, even in a big city like Seoul. Korea has the interesting Busan which is known for its beaches, mountains and temples.

Gyeongju, the glimpse of Silla’s Kingdom. This place is the best Buddhist art in the Far East. The right place in Korea if you are looking for ancient cultures and traditions or just want to break from the fast cars and bright lights.

12. Honduras

Not many people know about Honduras. The country of bananas in the Central America. What makes this country interesting is that it does not make you broke. There are tourist destinations which are not mainstream. There is a beach with white sand that will make you feel like you are in Maldives or Hawaii. Can you imagine that?

13. Poland

Southern Poland is mountainous area with excellent hiking opportunities. Food such as sandwiches from many sandwich shops in big and small cities are quite cheap. Casual restaurants serve you traditional Polish fare on the cheap. This can be another option. The hearty dishes will fill you up without breaking your bank.

14. Czech Republic


Czech Republic is one of the most popular towns not to be missed if you are nearby. Framed by a gorgeous serpentine river and the historic old town. Best of all, Cesky Krumlov seems surprisingly cheap when you are there. You can find hotels, food and drinks at very low prices even in the heart of city. You can spend around $38 per day to explore Czech Republic. It is a huge hit, especially for Asian tourists. 

15. Xian, China

Xian is located in central-northwest China and is the ancient capital of China. Xian is different from Beijing as you can get around easily by walking and it has a smaller population. This makes Xian a pleasant and friendly city to be in. Take a night walk to the ancient monuments to enjoy the atmosphere, they are dramatically lit and it costs you nothing. The discovery of the Terracotta Warriors put Xian as one of the world’s most incredible archaeology that cost you only $23.

16. Hungary

Hungary is another historical town in Europe, with Budapest being its capital. The accommodation and the food are cheaper than the other countries in Europe. The cheapest cottage for one person is around $15 per night. They have affordable delicious food. Go to the west side, there is a beautiful freshwater lake called Balaton. Try the local artsy cake in Gerbeaud. Be tempted by the grapes yard in Badacsony and have some wine!

17. Athena, Greece


If you like history, this is the place for you. The standard living cost is low price. How so? Yes you’re right the government put the price high because of their financial problem in the past.But, the challenge is, you have to be clever and go to cities with affordable prices. Once you get there, you will be fine.The classical buildings and the architecture won’t make you regret it. There is Paros Island and Skiathos with its beaches and traditional livings. Try to come in November for cheaper prices.

18. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is waiting for you to give you the sights off beautiful beaches, sounds of the waves and soft sand. You can spend nights at the beach and stay in the inexpensive hostel nearby. A rest place for $21, a car to bring you to explore the cities for $53 and something to eat for $4 that makes you full. Did you know that Sri Lanka is rich with inheritance of Buddha? Yes. The first Buddhist writing was written in this country. You can’t begin to imagine how exotic this place is.

19. Dominican Republic

Have you ever heard of this place? Dominican Republic is in the group of the Caribbean islands and is the second largest island. A country which is located in the Central America, it is the most visited country in the Caribbean. You might think the pirates live here. Well, maybe you should go there and check for yourself! This country has fields that will show you beautiful landscapes – and I’m sure that you won’t see a single pirate!

Santiago de Los Caballeros is the most famous farm in this country. There is also Hispaniola Island nation which had a turbulent time in the past. You can spend $37 per day to enjoy the food, room and explore around. If you like spooky areas, try to walk around Cathedral de Santa Maria La Menor as it is believed to be the oldest cathedral in North America.

20. Ishigaki, Japan


Ishigaki is one of the world’s most unknown tourist destination. This island in Japan is now being spotted by travelers as being a second Hawaii! What makes this unique is the fact that this island is well known as Japanese Hawaii with many white sand beaches, invisible water like crystal, the mangrove forest, and nice diving point. The tourists keep coming to this place and it is predicted that they will keep on increasing in numbers!

So that’s it. The best 20 budget travel destinations that you can put on your bucket list in 2018! Go pack your bags and get exploring these beautiful places before the cost become pricey. I hope you have a wonderful journey and thank you for reading!


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