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A Road Trip Through Romania #1 Planning the trip!


Follow me on my road trip through Romania! First steps.

In February 2018, I enjoyed my first road trip through Romania, eastern Europe, with a French friend from my university, Daphné, and my Italian flatmate, Pietro [names are real]. In fact, this road trip through Romania does not begin when we took the road. It begins far before, while we were planning our trip. What were the steps for organizing it?

First and foremost

1. Ask to your closest friend or friends you want to know more to come with you. Travel is the best way to discover someone and to share good memories with him. You can also travel alone, that’s up to you!

2. Decide together of the road you will take. Because I didn’t have a valid passport yet, we could not go to Ukraine as we planned first. But, in the end, it was not the worst thing that could happen because we had more time to visit the cities we wanted to visit in 9 days.

3. Indeed, decide together how long the trip will last. In our case, we rented the car from Saturday to next Sunday (9 days and 8 nights).

road trip in romania
Our itinerary details : 2404km in 9 days!

Renting a car and finding where to sleep

After all these steps are completed, you can now look for the best car rental and accommodation.

Hopefully, we found a cheap one with Hertz but Sixt or another company would have been fine too! Be careful of the insurance and the one who will drive. Just to be sure, I paid a little bit more to be the second driver (because we knew we would all drive) in case there will be an accident… And hopefully we did because… (you’ll know why in the future episodes…)!

Concerning the accommodation, we decided to do as much couch surfing as we can find. We created a common account with a picture of us and a description of our trip so that people could know who the three of us really were! This is one of the best advice I could give you if you want a free accommodation.

road trip in romania
The picture we used for our couchsurfing common account

Hopefully, couch surfing is not only about free accommodation, it is much more: meet new people, share food and experiences with them. But the best thing to do, of course, is not to be shy and introvert and to share things with them! No need to offer them something material (like a box of chocolate – even if it’s sometimes well appreciated), just offer your time and your stories (I know it’s hard when you’re tired of your journey but try)!

Last but not least, your package!

Don’t bring too much (this advice is available for both man and woman!). First because you can buy things you forgot and that you really need in the cities you’ll pass through. Then because you’ll have to carry your bags most of the time. Finally, because travelling with less…is more !

We could speak about it for days, but I guess you know everything about the pre-organization side of a road trip. And now…. Let the journey begin under the rain of Bucharest…


road trip in romania

Day 2 and Day 3 in my upcoming articles! So, stay tuned!

(Credit: Marina Perez)

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