Experiencing One of The Best Cuisines in Dublin.. Vegan, Come Here !!

Dublin, Ireland

Hello friends, I hope you’re doing great!

This Spring, I spent a few days in the emerald’s country capital and it was beautiful! I went to visit a friend of mine and apparently, I have been very lucky with the weather. Indeed, I’ve had three days of beautiful sunshine. I enjoyed the city with its nice riverside, its charming parks and lovely people. I also ate delicious vegan food and I’m going to tell you all about it.

Even though I stayed only a few days I tried to make the most of it and my friend had already planned a few things for me. I arrived in Dublin in the late afternoon and went directly to Temple’s Bar (Central), a typical Irish pub in the famous pub’s area named after this same pub. It was the perfect spot to get a first glimpse of the Irish culture. Wooden floors, walls and stairs, colored bottles everywhere and a live musician getting ready to play. I loved it!

Of course, you can get the Guinness beer, made in the Dublin factory but don’t worry if you’re not a big fan of beer like me, they have draught apple cider. It’s very sweet but good. If you’re hungry, you can get some fries. Funny fact: they typically pour some vinegar on top of them. Irish fries, approved!

The next day I went for lunch with my Couch-Surfing host to Sova Vegan Butcher a 100% plant-based restaurant. Located not so far from St Stephen’s Green park, you’ll have to go through some residential street to get there. It only raises your eagerness to finally sit and enjoy your meal. I got the creamy tagliatelle with fresh spinach and mushrooms and OH MY! They were soooooo good! My friend, who’s not plant-based by the way, got the vegan kebab sandwich and he told me it was delicious. He was impressed and his heart (tummy?) was conquered by this place. We totally recommend it! For the way back to the center, we grabbed a coffee at the place right next door and I got a cappuccino (with soy milk).  


For tea time, we went to The Rolling Donut and got a coffee and walnuts vegan donut. Even though I hadn’t had a donut in maybe two years, let me tell you that it was amazing! This place offers 5-6 vegan options (chocolate covered with coconut, vanilla, with strawberry jam, caramel…) and I tried them all! HAHA not on the same day! I brought some with me back to Strasbourg.

The next morning, I went for brunch at POG. There were plenty of vegan options to choose from. I got an acai bowl (first time I tried it and honestly, I tasted almost just like a banana-strawberry smoothie bowl to me) and an avocado toast on the side. The avocado was nutty and creamy as I like it. Prices were also quite good,l if I remember well I only paid around 12€. A little tip for you, always check the “sides” section on the menu, wherever you go, you may get food for way cheaper than it could have cost if it had been a “main”.

That’s it for my vegan food journey. I spent a very nice time in Dublin, I loved the atmosphere there. Have you ever been there?

Take care of yourself and go see the world! 

See you soon xx

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