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10 Important Travel Tips For Europe That Are Worth Remembering

So you’ve already booked your flights and you’re ready to travel Europe and enjoy it in a different and unique way. If this sounds like you, this travel tips for europe might the right one for you!

Measuring from West to East, Europe has a vast mix of languages, customs, architecture, heritage and culture all across the continent. According to the boarder checks within, traveling in Europe has never been cheaper, easier and simpler especially for the Asian community!

10 Important Travel Tips For Europe That Are Worth Remembering

Crowded, busy and full of hassle – things that give Europe a scary impression. Although, there are no reasons for you to not able to enjoy it to the fullest! Here, the 10 travel tips for Europe have been made for you to have a pleasant journey!

1. Travel during the off-season

travel tips for europe

Traveling during summer time is nice but trust me, going on the off-season will be super helpful because Europe can be a mess in the peak season with crowds and lines. This is especially true if you choose London and Paris, or the smaller hamlets like Avignon and Verona. Avoid the hassle months like June, July and August if you hate fighting with the crowds – and do not worry, you can still see the Sistine Chapel and the Mona Lisa on off season.

In addition to this, Europeans usually go to somewhere else for summertime vacation. So I suggest you to visit on early spring or in the fall to get a real feel with the local’s interests.

2. Stay away from the beaten path and enjoy the walk

travel tips for europe

Have you heard the saying ” if you follow all the rules, you will miss all the fun?” This is exactly right! Because sometimes the beaten path like the Eiffel Tower and a gondola ride in Venice can be its own fun experience but the truth is, you can do much more and see so much more if you stay off of it. Just walk anywhere you want, don’t mind the arrows or signs that pointing you to those famous places.

Ask recommendations from the locals of where to go, where to eat, what to do, what to see. They know their city! And after that, you will be able to reach the main sights, find nice cafes or restaurants, even hidden gems with no trouble. Plus, by walking, you have the time to see more!

3. Try to stay longer in one place

travel tips for europe

Another travel tips for europe is stay longer. By staying for a bit longer in one place will make you feel way more relaxed rather than hopping from one place to another every day. You have the chance to get to know the place and the people. You can find your favorite café, meet people from the neighborhood and make friends. This feels rewarding and will make you feel like local!

You can go to hostel or find homestay in the favourite corner of your choice for few a few weeks.

4. Consider staying in a smaller city

travel tips for europe

Choose a smaller town with its own city center. A city that doesn’t get too many tourists but still has good accommodation, such as short commuter trains or buses so that you’re still able to go anywhere easily.

Smaller cities are usually less busy, inexpensive and more friendly, so less pressure, and are a good opportunity for you to enjoy your time to the fullest.

5. Take the train

travel tips for europe

For a good reason, Europeans like to go by train. It is often more comfortable and easier than taking planes to reach from one city to another city in Europe, even if it might be more expensive than taking airplanes.

You can get the tickets easily, even in the last minute before departure. What you have to do is get the local application or the rail planner on your phone in order to to see the trains’ schedules and buy the tickets.

6. Observe the local’s routines

travel tips for europe

There are many tourists who are standing out from the crowd with their bad manners and loud voices. So, let’s not to be one of them. Be a smart and a good tourist!

While you are around the locals, observe what they do and how they do it. Follow the culture and lower your tone. For example, don’t wear hot pants and tank top in religious area or conservative Orthodox churches,and try to speak softer and behave. Just be polite and be aware of your surroundings. Do research or ask about their local etiquette in each destination if you are not sure.

7. Make contact with people

travel tips for europe

Don’t be hesitant or shy to make contact with the people around you. They won’t bite you. You are allowed to be on your own or to stay with other travelers, but it doesn’t mean that you should never open your arms to meet and engage with locals. You will see how good it is to have a local companion.

Talk and make friends with anyone. Share experiences and even help with their local activities. Meet people at the place where you’re staying, shopkeepers, bartenders, street vendors. Smile at them and be friendly. They will inspire you with local anecdotes and history lessons. Some of them may end up becoming your lifelong friends.

8. Learn the local language

travel tips for europe

You are there to meet the locals and have their experiences too, spend some time with them and listen to the way they communicate and if you can, learn some phrases. Also, practicing some phrases before you arrive in your destination is also a good idea.

They appreciate a tourist who is trying to speak their local language. Plus, when you have local with you, you’ve got handy translator, and then you don’t need pictures to help you.

9. Go to family businesses to shop

travel tips for europe

While you walk around, try to check out the family businesses, for example in Paris you can find patisseries or Gelato places on the corner.

Restaurants usually put up display menus aimed at the tourist crowd, and their prices are increased as well! It’s nearly impossible to find cheap food. So when you buy from them, means you also support local business and they tend to be more affordable anyway!

10. Afternoon closures are important. Pay attention!

travel tips for europe

Do not be surprised or get mad if you go to the post office or want to get ticket in the middle of the day and they are closed. Most Europeans value their lunch breaks and they really take time for it. So please be patient and wait until lunch time is over.

For when you are in Rome, take the late lunch into account when you plan your day itinerary. It’s perfect chance to indulge in a long lunch yourself!



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