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10 Best Summer Destinations in Asia That Can Be Your Next Journey

best summer destinations in Asia

Asia should be considered as your best summer destinations because Asia has a lot of wonderful places, from beach to historical place you can find in Asia.

So, these 10 destinations in Asia will inspire you, than you can’t resist yourself to go there as soon as possible. Check this out!

1. Ubud, Bali

Bali is a paradise of tourism attractions. In Indonesia, Ubud is often used as a holiday destination for writers who want to produce a creative work because of the calming atmosphere in Ubud.

best summer destinations in Asia

The most interesting activity that you have to do in Ubud is cycling. It was supported by the biking scenes of Julia Robert that laid out the scenery of green rice fields in the movie Eat Pray & Love.

best summer destinations in Asia

There are many cycling services with guides that will take you around to the best cycling spots in Ubud. You will not only cycle around the green rice fields, but also enter to the typical Balinese village and get acquainted with their culture. 

2. Phuket, Thailand

Puket is a tourist island in Thailand. The island had a tsunami in 2004. The natural disaster claimed thousands of lives and destroyed most beauty of this tourist island. Now, Phuket has recovered from the became one of the prime tourism spots in Thailand.

best summer destinations in Asia

Geographically, Phuket area is mostly a mountains form. The mountainous area covers about 70% of the island’s entire territory. About 60% of Phuket area is forest and plantation.Puket has started to be developed as a tourism area by the Thai government.

Until now, the new hotels and resorts are popping up in Phuket. Besides resorts and hotels, Villas and private homes are built on the island that was crowned as one of the best retirement destinations. 

3. Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

One of the reasons that makes Hong Kong famous is one of the Hong Kong world’s leading actors, Bruce Lee. If you’re a fan of action movies, you have to go to the Avenue of Stars where there are so many statues of Hollywood actors and actresses including Bruce Lee.

best summer destinations in Asia

Avenue of stars is located along the Victoria Harbor’s waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui. You even can enjoy your dinner on the river bank close to the Avenue of Stars.

If you go on holiday with your family, the favorite place in Hong Kong you shouldn’t miss is Disney land, especially if you are a disney cartoons lovers.

4. Ta Prohm Tample, Cambodia

There is a unique building which is also a must to visit when you are in Cambodia other than Angkor Wat. Ta Prohm Temple, a temple overgrown with trees since hundred years ago where the roots of trees appear on the temple walls.

best summer destinations in Asia

Ta Prohm Tample become more popular since the location used for the Tomb Raider movie which starring by Anjelina Jolie. Many people come and take pictures around Ta Prohm Temple. The atmosphere is beautiful with green trees which will make you feel at home.

5. Yufuni, Japan

Yufuin Floral Village is a village built with a European-style concept and thick with the fairy tale that presents a classic scene. You can find the colorful flowers and building exterior with a unique name which make you feel like in a fairy tale. In addition, the store clerks also wear fairy tale clothes which will arouse your fantasy.

best summer destinations in Asia

If you are in Yufuin, you can also visit Onsen Yufuin where located under the majestic Yufu Mountain. Soaking in the hot tub while enjoying the beauty of Yufu mountain and its surroundings. Onsen Yufuin become more crowded after appearing at the various festivals such as film festivals, music festivals and various competitions in 1970.

6. Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung Rainbow is a village inhabited by war veterans. If veterans usually have a village condition that is not considered. But in Taichung there is a village where a veteran of war lives with unique conditions.

best summer destinations in Asia

This place becomes an interesting location for photo hunting. In addition, many people also hold a pre-wedding photo at Rainbow Village. Due to the large number of tourists, it can help the veterans in preserving their village. Moreover, there is no entrance fee to enter this village.

7. Tilicho Lake, Nepal

Traveling in Nepal is really pleasant. This is can be proved by the existence of Tilicho Lake as the highest lake in the world which almost reaches 5000 meters above the sea.

best summer destinations in Asia
Source: insidehimalayascom

The lake is situated in the Manang District around Annapurna Himalaya. This lake is a suitable place to be visited when you are climbing Everest Mount.This lake is even known as a site of interest for scuba diving lovers. If you are one of the scuba diving lovers, then you should come here.

8. Xinjiang, China

One of the historical tourism destinations in China that is interesting to be visited is the silk route tour. The road stretches from west to east of China. This silk route passes through several cities in China territory, one of them is Turpan city in Xinjiang province, a Muslim province in eastern China.

best summer destinations in Asia

Turpan is situated in southeast of Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang. The location of Turpan on the silk route makes this city has many beautiful historical relics with a blend of eastern and western cultures. 

9. Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam is an ASEAN country that facing directly to the South China Sea. Vietnam has an Asian beauty and exoticism that you don’t find in other countries.

Starting from the natural beauty in Halong Bay, the ancient town in Hoi An that has a romantic side to the culinary that will shake your tongue. Imagine if you can find a cheap and tasty bowl of Pho and Vietnamese soups all over the city in Vietnam!

best summer destinations in Asia

Visiting Vietnam is quite budget friendly. Cheap travel option in Asia besides Thailand is Vietnam, the cost of living in Vietnam even tends to be cheaper than in Thailand.

10. Intramuros, Manila

Similar with Indonesia and Netherlands, Philippines also has a ‘close bond’ (read: colonized) with Spanish. Well, traces of Spanish heritage still feels really thick in Intramuros.

best summer destinations in Asia

The district that has the meaning “behind the wall” is a historic center in Manila. There are many Spanish churches and schools that make you hard to believe that you are still in South East Asia.

You can choose to walk or ride ‘delman’ to explore this district. During the tour here, you will be ‘separated’ from the traffic density outside the district wall. It’ll make your heart so calm!

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Written by Alfina Rahmatia

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  1. Would love to visit all of the above places but mostly Ubud Bali! Wow that place looks amazing! We have all our hotels picked just need to get ourselves there!

  2. Oh these places all look amazing! My bucket-list is just getting way too long. Ubud, Bali and Ta Prohm Tample, Cambodia are probably top of my list out of this 🙂 Both look amazing!

  3. Your pictures are amazing. I really want to visit Ubud after reading Eat Pray Love many years ago. That little town in Japan also looked so cute and I must add it to my list! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is a very nice list of places in Asia. I’m bookmarking these for future reference, especially as some of these places like Ubud have been on my wishlist for quite some time now. I would also add Sikkim, and Kerala in India to this list for my personal favorites in Asia.

  5. Tilicho lake, Nepal for me! Loved the picture. Will do more research though. Great destinations, winner of a list. Have been to Bali, but so much left to be covered.

  6. This was great! I’m finding it difficult to put together a travel agenda for Asia and this list was just what I needed to help me plan! Also, beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing. Cheers!

  7. great tips! I’m about to set off for a trip to Thailand and hopefully spend time in Cambodia so I’d really love to see that impressive tree climbing over the temple!

  8. I will be going to Bali again in September. It’s my second time and I bet it’s going to be even more magical than the first. I’m going to put the other places on my to-go list.

  9. Great list and with these pictures I won’t be able to choose at all. 🙂 Will have to visit them all!

  10. Wow! This list is just amazing! all places here are incredibly beautiful. Bangkok is on my list already, Yufuni, Japan is new to me I’d love to go there too. Your photos are pretty impressive! have a safe travel! cheers!

  11. The cover pic prompted me to go through your blog and I must say this place in Japan looks so beautiful. I am pinning your article for future reference.

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