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Here at Wanderlust Hero we aim to create a broad travel-based community where you can find a breadth of inspiring articles to match your specific interests – all posted by other passionate Wanderlust community members who are sharing their raw, real experiences. Our subjects range from travel stories, travel tips and advice, food, working abroad and many more.

In addition to this, we offer you a point-based system whereby you can gain points when you like, comment or post your own travel articles. With these points, you can buy things in our online store and more benefits that you may get!

We feel that travelling should be a part of everyones life. It allows you to experience and be more in touch with this astounding world in which we all live. These days, we believe that travelling is important in order to take you away from the screen and, instead, live in the here and now. Therefore, we hope that our articles and the articles of other Wanderlust community members are sucessful in motivating you to take those steps to begin travelling or, if you are a seasoned traveller, to continue to travel and share your stories with us!

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