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What you get for writing your travel experience at Wanderlust Hero?

Getting published at Wanderlust Hero boost your credibility as a travel expert and begins the trust cycle with your readership and other travellers in the world. For many author and travel writer, being listed with Wanderlust Hero is an excellent way to get started, especially when you travel a lot.

Having your articles featured at Wanderlust Hero builds more engagement and brand equity for you. You can share your own social media or website in your article so you will be recognized by many people in the world.

No need to create such a complex website for your stories. You become known as the expert by your article and this endears potential readers to you before they even visit your social media or website.

People who read your articles and click on your link(s) of your social media or your own website that found in your referral box at the end of each of your article are highly-qualified prospects by the very nature of how they found you.

Your articles and travel stories may be viewed by hundreds of thousands of travellers in the world that visit our site every month! We work very hard to deliver a positive, fast and end-user obsessed experience that keeps our fan base returning for more.

Every single story or article submitted by all traveller who call our site home for their articles have been reviewed by our human editors who double check each article for quality (grammar, spelling, no dead links or annoying ads, .etc). This ensure your articles have integrity.

When your articles or stories are accepted at Wanderlust Hero, you become recognized as a Wanderlust Hero expert author. This adds prestige and perceived value by others when they read your stories or articles in our site.

Your author Referral Box at the end of the body of each of your articles acts as an advertisement for your personal branding. When the publishers come to our site to pick up and reprint your articles to their newsletter base, you essentially get free ads in their newsletter. The better quality you put in your article, the higher your chances are of increased distribution by the publishers who use our site to find quality travel-based content to send to their thousands or perhaps even tens of thousands of permission-based members.

Reasons Why You Should Submit Your Travel Story to Wanderlust Hero

  • You can share your travel experience to the world without spending a lot of time in making a website/blog and let them know that you are one of the Wanderlust Hero.
  • Your articles join good company along with the other thousands of travel experts who share your editorial integrity/quality.
  • You may also find new joint venture partners who are introduced to you via your articles in our site. So, there’s a big chance you will be able to get more travel partner to explore the world together!
  • Some publishers pick up relevant articles from our site for publication in their niche email newsletters and websites. You can only benefit from this if your articles are in our site.
  • Build brand equity & exposure. You may even find yourself published in someone else’s book or website because of having your article found in our site!
  • And yes, IT’S EASY! IT’S FREE!

Additional Information You Should Know About Our Site

To ensure quality, each and every story and/or article is reviewed by our human editors. Members usually receive less than 48 business hour turn around. Our turn around speed depends on incoming load but you can expect that we are very motivated to review and/or approve your quality original articles as quickly as possible. We know that the faster we can review your recent submissions; that the higher the probability that you’ll submit more articles.

Once approved, your articles will usually be in for a period of 365 days (12 months) and most likely longer if you have such a good quality of content. At this point, we intend to keep all relevant articles in after the initial 365 days period, but we reserve the right to remove outdated articles after that period to keep the content fresh.