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“Vegan Travel” What I Ate In A Week In Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

During the academic year 2015-2016, I spent 10 months in the Greek capital. I met amazing people from all Europe and a special one, whom I didn’t know yet would become my best friend and travel buddy. Living abroad is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me and I believe it is what has made me such a travel lover.  So a little more than a year after being back to France, I went back to the city of my heart in November 2017.

I stayed there for a week and believe me, I had planned to eat all the delicious vegan food that I could in this short amount of time! I went back to all my favorite places. I have to say that on the top of my list is Avocadoa vegetarian restaurant that serves fresh and organic meals with -you guessed it- an avocado-oriented menu.

They have about 15-20 vegan options between appetizers, home-made soups, pasta/rice, sandwich and pizzas and of course fresh juices and deserts. It’s a little bit on the pricy-side, expecially if you get a juice and/or desert with your meal but believe me, it’s worth every euro!
Price: 9-14€ main course

Black-rice pasta with a spicy thaï sauce, "Om Shanti" (vegetable curry) and crispy tofu on the side. Avocado

My next favorite is the Japanese restaurant KOI Sushi Bar. If you plan on going for diner with a lot of people, you may wait a little for a table- this is how good this place is. It serves fast, freshly made and tasty vegan options: miso soup, veggie california rolls (avocado/carrot/cucumber), onigiris and gyozas.

We’ve tried them all… several times (Is 5 times in a week too much? -NO) and were never disappointed. I don’t know where you’re from but in France, Japanese restaurants are super expensive. So if you fancy some fresh Japanese food, goooooo!
Price: from 2,50€/6 rolls

Moussaka, Vegan Nation

When planning for my trip, I saw that a new vegan place had opened when I was in France. Vegan Nation is located near Monastiraki metro station, where you can visit the flea market or the ruins of the Hadrian’s library or the ancient Agora.

This 100% vegan tiny self-service spot offers home-made meals and deserts. We tried a ‘ham’ sandwich, a fajita sandwich and the typical Greek Moussaka and it was beyond delicious: creamy and tasty! This place is perfect for a cheap meal to take-away. Quick and easy, it will make your tastebuds happy while exploring the city.
Price: 3-6€

Vegan Souvlaki, Healthy Bites Vegan Bistro

While wandering around, we discovered Healthy Bites Vegan Bistro where you can find pasta, pizzas, a salad bar and many other home-made meals among which… A SOUVLAKI (aka “Greek Sandwich” in France). It’s the typical Greek street food and OMG it’s sooooooo good! I can’t even understand how they managed to copy the original so well. Some may say it’s even better haha
Price: 5-10€

I can’t write an article about Greek vegan food without mentioning Not Just Fallafel.  They serve falafel sandwiches (of course), hummus and tabbouleh salads. You can even get just one piece if you’d like. Clean, simple and delicious, there’s nothing else to say. Just try it!
Price: 3-5€


Some typical vegan dish in a Greek taverna

Greek cuisine is a lot about grilled meats and feta chease but don’t forget olives and olive oil! Wherever you go you’ll be able to find a ‘Taverna’. You’ll be sure to find some olives, Greek salad (ask without feta chease), chips and tabbouleh, fried eggplant or zucchini and other good stuff!

In a taverna, you’ll order different dish and share with everyone around the table. Let’s be clear, this isn’t the healthiest food you’ll find (because of the amount of oil poured everywhere) but you’ll have to try it!

Vegan waffle with vegan Nutella and a scoop of coconut icecream.

Now I kept the best for the end! At the end of my Erasmus year, I discovered an ice-cream corner that had vegan waffles and oh my… Just look at the picture! Ice Queen Gelato is located right under the Acropolis museum. You can grab a waffle and walk up the acropolis hill to enjoy this fluffiness with a great view.
Price: 5€

On the drink-side of the Greek food-world, you have coffee. Greek coffee is strong. Greek coffee is good! My favorite is called “Freddo Capuccino” and when I came back I didn’t think I would be able to find some with plant-based milk but I was wrong! I find a really good one with soy milk at Grigoris, on Ermou street (the main shopping street).

While drinking your Freddo Capuccino you can snack on a “kuluri” that you can buy at a street stail. It’s a sort of sweet bread in the shape of a crown. You can have in plain with sesame seeds on the top, or filled with tomatoes or olives. Enjoy!
Price: 1,60€ a Freddo Capuccino & 0,50€ a kuluri

Now don’t forget the easiest and greatest option of just buy fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market! You can get dried fruits and nuts, grapes, strawberries, olives, cucumber, tomatoes and other fresh products for 1€/kg (depends on the season of course)! There is a permanent fruits and veggies’s stail in front of the metro station Monastiraki. When I went there in November I got my hands on figs and… oh my! They made my day!

If you ever go to Athens and try some of these places, make sure to tell me how you liked them!

Lots of love xx


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